Wave and Strings
Lydia Kavina and Sviatoslav Belonogov
Touch! Don’t Touch!
Lydia Kavina and Barbara Buchholz
Theremin in film music.
Concert performance by theremin with orchestra or chamber ensemble
Theremin music with light projections.
Audio-visual instalations
Nicht zu fassen!
Lydia Kavina and Roman Yusipey
Duet of Theremin and Viola d’Amore
Works by L. Kavina, J.S. Bach, A. Huberty, O. Rostovskaya, I. Yusupova, V. Rosinskij and others.
Concerts in Russia 2018-2019,
Album published by Art Service, 2020
New works of theremin duet with chamber ensemble
Works by M. Eggert, M. Hirsch, M.R. de Vroe, J.C. Walter, J. Klein, D. Sidwell, V. Nikolaev, O. Bachihina, O. Rostovskaya, I. Yusupova, G. Kampe, J. Hildebrandt
Album published by Wergo, 2006

Photo: Lydia Kavina and Barbara Buchholz
Main themes from Star Trek, Ed Wood, Spellbound, Doctor Who, Midsomer Murders, Mars Attacks, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with London Concert orchestra, BBC SSO, Orquestra Simfonica del Valles, Orchestra Sinfonica de Tenerife, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony musicians, Radio Science orchestra, The Lochrian Ensemble, The Stainboys and others

Photo: Fimucite, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2018
Lydia Kavina worked with several visual artists, such as Sergej Zorin, Sergey Kishchenko, Pedda Borowsky and others, in Italy, Germany, Austria and Russia

Photo: Optical theatre by Sergey Zorin, Moscow
Duet of Theremin and Accordion
Works by O. Messiaen, V. Poleva, S. Gubaidulina, J. Cage, L. Kavina, S. Prokofiev, J.S. Bach, G. Handel
Concerts in Germany and Switzerland
Album published by Distrokit, 2021
  • Joseph Shillinger - First Airphonic Suite
  • Lera Auerbach - Symphony no 1 Chimera
  • Howard Shore - Ed Wood Suite
  • Lydia Kavina – Four Seasons
  • Olga Neuwirth – Baehlamms Fest Suite
  • Anis Fuleihan - Fantasy
  • Charles Ives - Fourth Symphony
  • Nicolaj Obouchov - Testament for Croix Sonore, soloists and orchestra
  • Miklos Rozsá - Spellbound Concerto
  • Lera Auerbach – Icarus
  • Lera Auerbach – Dreams and Whispers of Poseidon
  • Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still
  • Danny Elfman - Mars Attacks
  • Danny Elfman – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Derek Bermel – Elixer
  • Igor Pinkhasov - Time paradoxes
  • Edgar Varese - Ecuatorial for theremin and orchestra
  • Arthur Honegger – Jeanne d’Arc au bucher oratorio
  • Olivier Messiaen – Turangalila-Symphonie
Photo: with Orquestra Simfonica del Valles, Diego Martin Etxebarria, conductor, 2017
Theremin with orchestra
(original music)
  • Patrik Bishay – Gesangstunde, Phantasy for theremin, voices and orchestra
  • Maria Kallionpaa – The Song of the War for theremin, soprano and orchestra
  • Manu Martin - Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra
  • Rodrigo Leao – concert program
  • Guy Barker - Sounds in Black and White for jazz orchestra with solo theremin
  • Christian Mason - Looking for the land that is nowhere for theremin and chamber orchestra
  • Tatiana Nazarova-Medthner - Vietnam Album
  • Fabio Nieder - Der Bilderfresser
  • Jan Steviliak - Idyll of Justice for Everyone
  • Mithieu Robert - Confession
  • Assyl Almakhanova - Foggy Introduction
  • Andres Waller - Falling Objects
  • Christopher Charlton - The Movie Night Suite
  • Harry Weir - Chromatic Aberration
  • Lera Auerbach – The Little Mermaid – ballet. Copenhagen Opera House, Hamburg Staatsopera, Tianqiao Theater, Beijing.
  • Tom Waits – Alice – Musical. Thalia Theatre Hamburg.
  • Olga Neuwirt - Baehlams Fest – opera. Vienna, Luzern, Hamburg, Bochum
  • Francis Poulenc – La Voix Humaine – opera. Theatro Unam, Mexico city
  • Tom Waits - Black Rider – Musical. Theatre Halle Kalk, Cologne
  • Lera Auerbach - Cinderella - A Tragic Tale – ballet. Finnish National Opera
  • Lera Auerbach, Alfred Schnittke – The Heroes – ballet. National theatre Munchen
  • Fred von Hofe – Othello. Thalia Theatre Hamburg
  • Kioshi Furukawa - Den Ungeborenen Götern - multimedia opera, ZKM, Karlsruhe
Photo: Alice by Tom Waits&Robert Wilson, Thalia theatre Hamburg, 1992
  • Ralf Gothoni - The Sun in Sand – opera. Finnish television
  • Vladimir Nikolaev - The Gold of Narts – ballet. Moscow Bolshoy theatre
  • Music of the Spheres - Audio-visual performances. Optical Theatre, Moscow
  • Moritz Eggert –Tragedy of a Friendship -music theatre. Troubleyn/ Flanders Opera
  • Iraida Yusupova - Aelita – Opera. Moscow Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
  • Sisie Self – The Butt - opera, Cambridge University
  • David Sidwell - Conversation Between Theremin and Soprano - Synaesthetic work, Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Bohuslav Martinů — Fantasia for theremin, oboe, piano and string quartet
  • Miklos Rozsá — Spellbound for theremin, oboe, piano and string quartet
  • Prach Boondiskulchok — Karmic Songs for theremin, soprano, piano and string trio
  • Dominic Murcott — Solar Wind Experiment for theremin, choir and electronics
  • Bernard Herrmann — The Day The Earth Stood Still Suite, arr. for theremin and ensemble
Chamber music
(original music)
Photo: Martinu’s Fantasy performance at Moscow Conservatory 2019
  • Danny Elfman — Mars Attacks, arr. for theremin and ensemble
  • Danny Elfman — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, arr. for theremin and ensemble
  • Jim Parker — Midsomer Murders
  • David Sidwell — Conversation for theremin and Soprano
  • Stefan Lienenkaemper — Aphorismus for theremin and Contra Bass
  • Joseph Person — Woo for theremin solo
  • Mark Grant — Bird of Paradise for theremin solo
  • Lydia Kavina — Monologue for theremin solo
  • Iris Szeghy — Neniae for Theremin, Flute, Oboe, Clarinette/BassClarinette, Horn and Piano
  • Caspar Johannes Walter — Vakuum-hallunazionen for two theremins, violin, and violoncello
  • Michael Hirsch — Rezitativ and arie for two theremins, percussion, piano, violin and violoncello
  • Michael Hirsch — Mit einem gewissen Pathos for two theremins, accordion and piano
  • Moritz Eggert — The son of the daughter of Dracula versus the incredible Frankenstein monster for two theremins, percussion, piano, violin and violoncello
  • Vladimir Nicolaev — Black and White Music for two theremins, percussion, piano, violin and violoncello
  • Nicolaus Richter de Vroe — Theremin Islands for two theremins, piano and percussion
  • Olga Bachikhina — Canto ostinato – for two theremins, piano and percussion
  • Gordon Kampe — Ohne Spock for two theremins, piano and tape
  • Ali Gorji Mein Ganzer Mensch for two theremins, accordion and piano
  • Sidney Corbett — Finestre del Mirandola for two theremins, accordion and piano
  • Vladimir Nicolaev — 19 Spades for theremin and string quartet
  • Lydia Kavina — Waltz for theremin and string quartet
  • John Appleton — Lydia for theremin and string quartet
  • Sania Drakulic — Waves for Theremin and string quartet
  • Johannes Hildebrandt — Bruchstuck III for theremin, Vn, V-cello and piano
  • Christion Wulf — Exercise for theremin, violine, C-Bass and French Horn
  • Alexey Chizhik — Bolero for theremin, vibraphone and C-bass
  • Victoria Poleva — Blind Hand for theremin and accordion
  • Lydia Kavina — Romance for theremin, soprano and piano
  • Lydia Kavina — In Whims of the Wind for theremin, soprano and piano
  • Lydia Kavina — In Whims of the Weather for two theremins and accordion
  • Lydia Kavina — In Whims of the Sea for theremin and viola d’amore
  • Lydia Kavina — The Mirror and Transformations for theremin, flute and cello
  • Junghae Lee — Sorimuni 4 for violin and theremin
  • Lydia Kavina — Suite for theremin and viola d’amore
  • Iraida Yusupova — Duo for theremin and viola d’amore
  • Vladimir Rosinskij — Last Down for theremin and viola d’amore
  • Valery Belunstov — Fantasy for theremin, xylophone and piano
  • Valery Beluntsov — Self-portrait 2 for theremin and organ
  • Valery Beluntsov — Reccry 3 for theremin, cello and tape
  • Olga Rayeva — The Sketch for theremin and clarinet
  • Alexander Raikhelson — Rocochord and The Round for theremin and organ
  • Anthony Rovner — The moving in the Air for theremin and Clarinet
  • Olesya Rostovskaya — Murmures, Gossamer Threads in the Air, The Voices for theremin and glass harmonica
  • Martin Ulikhanian — Vocalise for theremin and strings
  • Satenik Hakobyan-Ulikhanian — Homage to Komitas for two theremins and piano
Lydia arranged and conducted several concerts with ensembles of thereminists, including:
  • Theremin Century Concert at University of Greenwich, 2020
  • Electromagnetica Festival, Santiago, 2018,
  • Percy Grainger concert, London, 2011
  • Ethermusic Festival, Ashville, NC, 2008
  • Jorge Campos — Glissandi for up to six theremins
  • Percy Grainger Free Music #1 for four theremins
  • Percy Grainger Free Music #2 for six theremins
  • Percy Grainger Beatless Music for six theremins
  • Lydia Kavina — Star Improvisation for four theremins and piano
  • Lydia Kavina — Field Sound for three theremins
  • Lydia Kavina — landscape for three to four theremins
  • Lydia kavina — Choral for four theremins
  • Satenik Hakobyan-Ulikhanian — Triangulum for three theremins
  • Lydia Kavina — Suite
  • Christopher Tarnov — Theremin Sonata no.1
  • Lera Auerbach — 10 Preludes
  • Thierry Besançon — Nocturne
  • Joseph Shillinger — Song
  • Joseph Shillinger — Mouvement Électrique et Pathétique
  • Lydia Kavina — In Green
  • Lydia Kavina — Oxford time
  • Lydia Kavina — Vox-Fox
  • Christopher Tarnov — Intermezzo
  • Andrew Popoff — The Wind from the East - Suite
  • Alexander Raikhelson — Six Translations from Villi Melnikov
  • Waine Barker — A Kiss Without Touching for theremin, piano and toy piano
  • Carolina Eyck — Careless
  • Carolina Eyck — Sonina
  • Rob Schwimmer — Waltz for Clara
  • Valery Beluntsov — The Light Going Out
  • Malte Ruehman — Die gefiederte Schlange
  • Iraida Yusupova — Ave Maria
  • Olesya Rostovskaya — Juliet
  • Isidor Achron — Improvisation
  • Friedrich Wilckens — Dance in the Moon
  • Charles Paul — Palestinian Song and Hora
  • Jorge Antunes — Mixolydia for theremin
  • Stanislav Kreichi — Submerging for theremin and ANS synthesizer
  • Lydia Kavina — Fata Morgana for theremin and loop station
  • Alfred Schnittke — Concerto for Electric Instruments
  • David-Guillou Angele — A Question of Angeles
  • Andrey Popoff — Dark Forest
  • Olesya Rostovskaya — Russian Bell
  • Jorge Antunes — Rituel Rouge for theremin and lights
  • Vladimir Komarov — Voice of Theremin for theremin and tape
  • Anatoly Kisselev — Song on Ruins for theremin and tape
  • Valery Beluntsov "La Fantasie d'Arbat tra i campi della Gubernia Voronez" for theremin and tape
  • Jorge Campos "Sequencia" for theremin, trompet and tape
  • Lydia Kavina — Swamp music for theremin and tape
  • Iraida Yusupova — Kitezh 19
  • Iraida Yusupova — Wind Rose
  • Gabriel Prokofief— Monday
  • Lydia Ayers — The Rock Art in the Dream World
  • Christopher Tarnov — Canon for theremin and loop station
Over the years, Lydia Kavina has performed numerous concerts alongside various organists in both Germany and Russia.

The repertoire includes:
original works by O. Rostovskaya, A. Raikhelson, V. Beluntsov, as well as arrangements of works by S. Gubaidulina, J.S. Bach, J. Charpentier, L. Vierne, G. Pierne, J. Alain, L. Boellmann and others.
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff — Vocalise
  • Maurice Ravel — Kaddish
  • Modest Musorgsky — Pictures at the Exhibitions
  • Reihold Glière — Concerto for Coloratura Soprano
  • ​Johan Sebastian Bach — Double violin concerto 2nd movement.
  • Cesar Frank — Violin sonata
  • Heitor Villa Lobos — Bachianas Brasileiras
  • Aram Khachaturian — Adagio from Spartak
  • Sergey Prokofiev — Dance of the Knights
  • Camille Saint-Saëns — The Swan
  • Camille Saint-Saëns — Elephants
  • Nikolai Medtner — Suite-Vocalise
  • Oliver Messiaen — Eternite de Jesus
  • Oliver Messiaen — Louange a l Immortale de Jesus
  • John Cage — Simple Melodies
  • Sofia Gubaidulina — In Croce
  • Alexander Alyabyev — Nightingall
  • Ernest Bloch — Prayer
  • Arvo Pärt — Spiegel im Spiegel
and more
Theremin ensemble
Theremin with piano accompaniment
Electronic music
Theremin and Organ
Arrangements of classic
Photo: Theremin orchestra at Theremin Academy, Lippstadt, Germany, 2017