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Workshop in
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Some people think that the extraordinary abilities are needed to play the theremin. This is not the case. The only prerequisites are a good ear for music, good coordination and the ability to concentrate, because one can only control the tone by relying on one's own sense of hearing.
Lydia Kavina

How to play the theremin video at BBC New magazineBBC News: How to play the theremin.

BBC News: Hands Off fesival celebrates the theremin
BBC News: 'Hands off' music festival celebrates the theremin UK, 2011

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Hands Off 2007 Video

Selebration of the theremin: Impressions from
              EtherMusic 2005 USA

Ethermusic Festival. Moog Music, Ashevil, USA, 2005

Mastering the Theremin with Lydia Kavina. DVDMastering the theremin. DVD
Six lessons with Lydia Kavina
Video of  Clara Rokmore
Remastered on DVD

Theremin Workshop
Masterclass at Musikmesse Frankfurt

              lessons with Lydia
Lesson  with Barbara Buchholz, Theremin-Centre, Moscow

 Lessons with
                Lydia Kavina First steps: lesson with
Carolina Eyck. Berlin 1995

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