Lydia Kavina - Compositions for the Theremin

Selected Works
"Improvistation of Stars", for 4 theremins and piano (2001)
"Valse" for theremin and string quartet (1998)
"The Seasons of the Year", a concerto-fantasy for theremin and orchestra (1997)
"The Mirror" and "Transformations" for theremin, Flute, and Cello (1997)
"Field Sound" for three theremins (1997)
"The Monologue" for theremin solo (1995)
"In Whims of the Wind" for theremin, voice and piano (1994)
"Swamp Music" for theremin and Digital Sampler (1992)
Symphonett for Orchestra (1992)
Poem for Flute and Piano (1991)
Sonate for Clarinette and Piano (1990)
"Chacone" for theremin and Synthesizer (1990)
"Requiem" for theremin and Synthesizer (1990)
"Landscape" for four theremins (1989)
"Suite" for theremin and piano (1989)
"The Circle" for Voice and Piano (1988)
String Variations for string quartet. (1988)
Romances after Poems of Russian Writers for Voice and Piano (1987)
"Antique Russia", Fantasy for theremin, piano, viola, bassoon and chimes, (1987)
"Two Preludes" for theremin and piano (1986)
"Romance" for voice, theremin and piano (1985)
"The statue of a soldier" for theremin and piano (1984)